Books, thoughts, and a strangely slender man.

I’m finally off my ass making another post and messing with this blog, go me.

Anyway, I got Carl Sagan’s The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark today. Haven’t had the chance to open it yet, probably won’t tonight between my work’s hundredth anniversary celebration and being with my friends afterward. We can hope, though…I hope for one that this was a good choice, since I was also looking at Bad Science and On The Origin of Species, among others.

It was quite funny to see The God Delusion in the science section while Darwin’s Black Box languished in religion. I’d love to see Behe’s reaction to his woo being filed with all the other woo (the New Age section was on the opposite side of the shelves that held all the Bibles and apologetics, and Darwin’s Black Box was itself close to something by Deepak Chopra). Francis Collins’ apologetics were also in with the woo, which made me smile. Accommodationists take note: you are already in the same category as Chopra as far as bookstores are concerned.

Also, I have discovered the paranoia fuel that is The Slender Man Mythos. It’s fictional, I know, but I still watch myself a lot more — which, given where I live, is probably a good thing.

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