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Fortune High-Tech, revisited.

So my friend bought in, I didn’t. I got pictures of all of the ‘information’ they gave him, but sadly all except the ones he posted on his walls (which have large text) are illegible. One Two Three Four Will … Continue reading

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The sum of all arguments I have ever had with theists

If there were a god, and this god interacted with us (if it does not it is merely a dragon in my garage) and wished us to know of its existence, we would expect there to be a way to … Continue reading

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How the fuck can you say that?

(Read this article for context.) I don’t know how the fuck this works. How people can say they care when their entire course of action screams that they don’t. How we can call ourselves an equal society when we seem … Continue reading

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What are you fighting for?

People often say that religion gives hope and has the power to do good, and as such I’m mean for saying it should be eradicated. Yet, religion makes this ‘hope’ and ‘good’ hinge on whether one believes or not. Christian … Continue reading

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My first question.

When I was four, I remember hearing the story of Jesus’ resurrection in school from a friend (my family are nonreligious or faitheists for the most part). I raised the possibility that the ‘resurrected’ Jesus or the ‘crucified’ Jesus may … Continue reading

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The Real New Atheists

I just exploded after being patronized for the umpteenth time as a ‘silly little atheist’. Main reason for such: here, followed by here, with the kicker here. The trigger: here. Because, of course, I’m just a silly little Gnu Atheist … Continue reading

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Does this sound like a sermon to you?

So I went to the ‘corporate meeting’ last night. Sadly, I forgot to put my memory card into my phone, so I had to delete the initial bit and only record the ‘training’ at poor quality. Next week will hopefully … Continue reading

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On Conscience

Oftentimes the argument that ‘moral imperatives are proof of god’s existence’ comes up. Now, it’s been addressed many times, but here I’m going to try to provide a short, coherent explanation of what these moral imperatives are and their possible … Continue reading

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Amway, Fortune High-Tech, and Pyramid Schemes

So I’m pretty much out of a job now. I mean, I have one, it’s just that said job doesn’t provide many hours during the winter. My best friend is likewise out of a job and surviving on disability checks. … Continue reading

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