What are you fighting for?

People often say that religion gives hope and has the power to do good, and as such I’m mean for saying it should be eradicated.

Yet, religion makes this ‘hope’ and ‘good’ hinge on whether one believes or not. Christian organizations will give you aid, but you have to listen to a sermon first. The Roman Catholic Church won’t give you aid for people with HIV/AIDS if you’re too favorable towards safe sex. Under Bush Junior, the United States would not provide aid to any country that supported family planning measures of almost any kind.

Furthermore, coming out as an atheist will make ‘good Christians’ (or ‘good Muslims’, or ‘good’ members of some other cult) do anything ranging from looking on you with disdain to proselytizing every chance they get, or even outright shunning you because you are ‘of the Devil’. Hell, if you live in the wrong area (like say Utah), you could lose your job if you come out as atheist. If you live in the really wrong area, you just might become the next Matthew Shepard. And if you live in the really, really wrong area, you’ll be tried and executed.

But of course, the cry from the accommodationists and the moderates rings loud: REAL CHRISTIANS DON’T DO THAT! REAL MUSLIMS DON’T DO THAT! Religion is good, happy, flowers and roses and you’re such a mean gnu atheist for saying that it’s not!
I call upon all you moderates and accommodationists to tell us: if you’re not standing up against these actions, if you’re just sitting idly by and only standing up against them when someone criticises religion and points these out and, even then, you attempt to distance the ‘real’ religion from the actions of many people who think they are ‘real’ members of this religion, are you really trying to help? Are you really fighting for equality and peace? Are you just fighting to keep your own beliefs about religion intact?

If none of those, then what the hell are you fighting for?

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