On Jesus

Jesus. He’s probably the most famous character in all of history: about 33% of the world devotes some time to worshipping him (or at least claim to follow his teachings as humanity’s savior, or what have you).

And he’s a myth, just like Apollo or Dionysus or Odin. Or any other god/’savior’ that Christians reject, for that matter.

Now, here you people are probably going to come in screaming at me for various reasons. Let’s start off with how I know Jesus was mythical:

First off, his deeds. None of his miracles — the feeding of the thousands, the raising of Lazarus from the dead, or even his own public execution and subsequent resurrection, are recorded anywhere outside of the Bible. Josephus’ Antiquities of the Jews mentions him but the mention is so glowing  that scholars accept that most of it was likely edited in; Josephus was a Pharisee Jew, and anyone who’s read the Bible would know that Jesus did not get along with the Pharisees and anyy description of Jesus other than as a magic man attempting to draw otherwise good Jews away from YHVH is, at the least, unbecoming of a Pharisee.

But that’s it. Other than the questionable (at best) Testimonium Flavinium, as well as another short mention of “the brother of James”, we have no record of Jesus’ many miracles, let alone his resurrection. Christianity reequires that Jesus not only lived, but died and was resurrected; this lack of historical confirmation for such an extraordinary event causes Christianity to fall flat on its face.

Now, here some other people may come in and say “well, I’m no Christian but I think Jesus did exist and had some good things to say even if he wasn’t a miracle worker”, to which I say: hogwash and poppycock. Like it or not the character of Jesus is inextricably bound to his deeds and to strip those deeds from him means that the character is no longer Jesus. A pissed-off rabbi who overturned some tables in the Temple and was crucified for stirring up unrest that was named Jesus (or Yeshua, as his Hebrew name would have been) is not Jesus. A man who went around ministering to people, delivering sermons, performing miracles, raising the dead only to be publicly executed and resurrected whose name was Brian is Jesus.

Furthermore, whether there was a real rabbi named Jesus is irrelevant as any real historical figure has been concealed under mythology. The four core Gospels alone (or even just the three Synoptics — Matthew, Mark and Luke) show examples of writers grafting on elements to address apologetics, match ‘prophecy’, advance certain dogmas, et cetera (as if the Council of Nicaea didn’t do this enough). The geaneologies of Joseph come to mind, as there are two, with different numbers of generations and few figures in common — why, furthermore, does Joseph’s geaneology even matter if Jesus was the ‘son of God’ owing to having been born a virgin? Joseph isn’t Jesus’ father, YHVH is!

As a last, if the events were as claimed in the Bible someone else would have written them down. The Pharisees, namely, would have done so if only to say that he was an evil magician luring people away from YHVH, and the fact that Josephus did not do so in Antiquities is a glaring oversight to say the least.

Jesus is not your savior, and Christianity is false.

Here’s some resources for those inclined to do more research. Pretty much all the information here is also in these links, though much more detailed:

The Atheist Experience — Austin-based public access TV show by atheists about atheism

Non Prophets Radio — Same guys (more or less), only as a radio show

Iron Chariots Wiki — atheism/counterapologetics wiki

Pharyngula — most of you probably know about this one, but for those who don’t, an amazing resource and community for atheism and general free thought. Be warned: the commenters can be particularly harsh, and I’m one of them.

The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science


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