Why the U.S. Constitution is fatally flawed


A government shutdown, in no short words, should not fucking happen, at least not for a prolonged period of time; certainly not during an economic crisis where jobs are hard to find and the government isn’t making it much easier to find them. And you know who wants to do that anyway? Well, who else but the party that has eyes only for power and money at the expense of everyone else; Ayn Rand’s dream come true: the Republican Party.

Fuck me. Seriously. The exact same thing happened in Canadian Parliament earlier this month: the Conservative minority government brought their budget for a vote, and the Opposition blocked it. But do you want to know what the smart thing was? Instead of causing a government shutdown where ‘non-essential services’ — the FDA is included, as is the National Park Service, as are the civic services (garbage collection, parking enforcement, etc.) of the city of Washington, D.C. — are halted, with workers put on furlough (and in the case of the current threatened shutdown, it is unknown whether workers on furlough will be paid…though the Congresspeople who caused this will, surprise surprise) for an indefinite amount of time, what happened was that the government was forced to dissolve and an election is being held.

Now why couldn’t the United States have adopted this course of action? It’s a fundamental part of Canadian and British parliamentary politics — the vote of confidence in the government. If the budget bill (or any other motion of confidence) does not pass, the government is considered to have lost the confidence of the legislative house and thus an election is called to see if the people have likewise lost confidence.

At least, in countries that observe this it is. In the United States, a failed budget simply means time to stall and manufacture propaganda, and now another means for the Republicans to take up their steady, childish whine of “I WANT THAT! IT’S MINE! I HAVE LOTS ALREADY, SO I DESERVE IT MORE THAN YOU!” and twist this to blame the Democrats for their own bullshit.

How can a nation be such a great power and yet so collectively stupid…

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One Response to Why the U.S. Constitution is fatally flawed

  1. I’m not sure how Ayn Rand’s dream come true is the Republican Party, she was more libertarian than that.

    I agree that reforms of the US political system would be helpful, since constitutional protections of individuals and minorities have broken down, much as the founders feared. A democratic republic requires honor and character among the politicians and ultimately the the electorate in order to respect the limitations and standards that have been agreed to.

    The reform I have in mind would also probably benefit Canada, and that is to get rid of winner-take-all representative districts. I would have the US House of Representatives elected by subscription. Essentially, anyone who could get the required number of votes to subscribe for two years could serve. This would result in proportional representation that would give minorities power, for instance, libertarians might be 15 or 20% of the house despite being unable to win very many districts under the current system. Compromise and coalitions would have be happen in the House just as in parliamentary systems, but minorities and third parties would have an even better chance at having the power to protect themselves.

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