BC HST: The politics of fear

I’m currently watching Question Period at the BC Legislature.

Christy Clark could not be putting on a greater farce. She is, quite literally, our Sarah Palin.

Leader of the Opposition Adrian Dix is repeatedly raising information to counter the claims of the HST’s ‘fairness’ and asking the Liberals why they are using public funds to drive an ad campaign supporting the HST.

Premier Christy Clark is responding by ranting about ‘higher taxes’ and ‘fear of information’ and how happy the debate supposedly makes her — even though she’s not even debating! And now she’s trying to stifle questions, all with that glowing Sarah Palin smile on her face.

Carole James has now stood up to rebuke the Liberals’ and Clark’s conduct. I applaud both her and Adrian Dix for their stance.

But as for the Liberals? They are parroting the very politics of fear that Trudeau warned us against. And we must not succumb to it.

If you live in BC, vote yes on the referendum this June, and scrap the HST. Tell Christy Clark and Kevin Falcon that we’ve had enough of their crap.

And speaking of Kevin Falcon, he’s now gotten up and started building strawmen of his own. Why they don’t LIKE the HST? Adrian Dix just quoted your predecessor, you disingenuous asshole! And–


What the fuck is this, the 1950s?

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