The politics of fear revisited

Here is the video transcript of the Question Period that was sickening me so badly. I’ve read over the transcript (…okay, the draft transcript) and it’s really just a major unanswered question.

Both Christy Clark and Kevin Falcon have nothing to provide but dog-whistles and dismissals. They aren’t even answering the question, let alone answering it honestly; instead they go on about how the NDP just want to raise taxes.

And in doing so they both miss the point. This is not a referendum about a tax. This is — it has always been, and is moreso now than ever — a referendum on the conduct and policy of the BC Liberal Party. This is a referendum on no limits to or disclosure on campaign spending, a publicly-funded partisan advertising campaign, and a tax break to buy votes. It is a referendum on a government that has gone the way of the Republican Party in cutting taxes and cutting public service in favor of the bread and circuses of the Olympics. It is a referendum on a party that says one thing come election time and another when it holds a majority government.

Nothing demonstrates that more than Christy Clark and Kevin Falcon’s “responses” to the questions posed them by the NDP.

The referendum begins in three days. I hope that BC stands up and tells this government where they can shove their dog-whistles and propaganda.

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